For you


United States
48° 45' 22.3776" N, 122° 29' 22.0524" W

For you, I would capture the sunrise
Contain it in a jar and close the lid
Forever glowing in our reach
To open to the world again
When were ready to awake
For you, I would cross the deep oceans
Discover unmarked land and claim it as our own
Map it in secret for only us to know
Surrounded by the purest of water
And the freshest of air
For you, I would sacrifice sleep
Just to lie awake with you and contemplate life
Gaze at the stars for hours on end
Saying plenty of words
Or none at all
Yes, these things I would do,
But only for you



This poem was inspired by my first love. There is nothing else that could compare to your first love, and this is what i wanted to say about that.

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