I Won't Write a Poem for You

I could write a poem for you
Or even sing the blues
But I can't sing
And my pen gets all tied like my tongue
Like a typewriter goes ping when I'm done
That verse I keep saying
"You are beautiful" 
It's because I keep praying
That you know it's true
So no I won't write a poem for you
And no I won't sing the blues
Because I'm not down and I can't write poetry
You are all my inspiration 
And none of my exasperation
But I can't rhyme to save my life
With much sorrow and strife
I think 
How do I tell you I love you
I haven't the first clue
So no, I won't write a poem for you
Or sing the blues
Because I can sing with a thousand voices!
But they'd all just sound like one
Not because I've made bad choices
But because I can't sing
I mean I can
But that's not the plan
You give my heart the love bug
And I think they call it the flue
But I keep telling you!
I won't sing the blues
And I definitely won't write a poem for you.
That's it, that's all 
You're pushing me and I'm Gunna fall!
So ill push back with the beat of my heart
Because it beats for you anyways
I could bleed art
All for you
And sing and dance to
But like I said, I can't sing
And I can't write poetry
Not because you don't motivate me
Are you from Tennessee?
Because you're the only ten I see
I'm lying...
You're an eleven on a scale of one to zero
You're in distress
Let me be your hero!
But I can't fly
Yet I'd like to
Now listen I love you and I have no idea how to tell you not one clue!
I would if I could but I keep saying it because I can't! 
I can't sing the blues
And I definitely won't write a poem for you


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