Ode to My Mother


United States

A life with you is a life worth living
Even at your worst
you still made me feel better
Every moment with you
is a moment worth reliving,
For better or worse
You are the only love of my life. 


I haven’t been taking the time
to appreciate you
as I should have,
Your whole life has been sacrificed
for my security and my comfort,
And there is not a day that goes by
where I fail to realize that.


Every breath you take
is for my happiness and safety
and for that
I owe you my life
I promise to love you for the rest of my life. 


Your love and dedication
have shaped me into the person I am today
You’ve made no mistakes, you’re pure perfection
All of my flaws are my fault
for all the times I have hurt you
I want to deeply apologize
for all of my life.


I am unable to repay
all the actions you’ve taken 
to keep me safe,
to give me warmth,
to make me experience love,
to mold me into who I am,
So in return, 
for everything that I’ve accomplished
I will dedicate it to your name.


You’ve been so caring and understanding
and you’ve never wrongfully accused me of anything,
Your patience is limitless
You always take an extra step to clean up my mess
I will be forever grateful
for everything you’ve done for me.


Thank You, Mom
For letting me take my first steps
And for teaching me how to spread my wings,
Your endeavors will be indented on my heart
for you will always be known as
The Most Important Person In My Life. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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