The past is in my mouth

I find myself telling all my business on the internet

but only if you can't hear me.

I can't know if you've seen this

and I hope like hell you won't realize who it's about.

You have broken every wall that's in my head.

Sucked up all the life until I'm dead.


Your face nulls every excuse I can formulate

Just there like the answer I wasn't looking for

I haven't seen the likes of it since the times of holding your hand

But that won't stop me from cringing when I feel it pinch like a needle

This won't hurt


Undon and lit aflame like the nasty slut I'm supposed to be

Statistics sticking to my back drag me to the bottom

My skin is the signature on a contract I've never seen

The contract you reminded me of when we were alone

I am not yours


I love you

I love you like the sunrise but I won't let you fuck me out of existence


I like to think that life will treat me like it treats my counterparts

but maybe it's just the me that has met you

Maybe it's just the us that never balance right

Maybe it's just the me that doesn't push your hands away

I am the captain of my own ship


The wiggle in my hips is due entirely to my feminine center of gravity

I should have told you to stop smiling like you were special

Should have told you not to touch

My body is the temple and my smile is my glory

It is not for you


All the times of careful contemplation in our nest

The air we shared in the arms of free time and brief contentment

I loved it and stored it away in my heart

I think you took my sighs and my gentle caressing differently then they were given

You stored it elsewhere and that makes me sink


I have loved you so dearly and been so tender

I love you like the sunrise but I won't let you fuck me out of existence


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