I’m not sure what

Sun, 01/25/2015 - 01:32 -- NLove

I’m not sure what I am feeling.
I’m feeling every thing but happiness

I want to be happy but that one part of me that is always
Seeing the glass half empty is keeping me from moving on 
And seeing the other end of the rainbow

I know that I deserve better, but when will better come?

Every guy that I ever encounter either just the intimacy without Wanting to truly to get to know me UNconditionallyOr they just Blow me off when they relaize I am more than a shy

Quiet girl 

I’m seriously tired of getting hurt.I could write a whole 365 Page book and I still wouldn’t cover what all the pain I’ve been Given instead of the love

Affection that I ask for.

Not all men are the same, but g.e.e.z.

Please let that one man come to me and prove not all are the Same.

I want a reason to love my waking life rather seek my dreams for escape.


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