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EMBARRASSED Our limit of endurance Doesn't always show appearance Sometimes our often ignorance Doesn't give us reassurance
If I had you, my heart would not sigh; Neither would my sad eyes cry. If you were mine, everything would be just fine. I would frequently sing love songs to you. And I would be happy all the time. .
I saw a light, Shine so bright. I knew t’would remain I knew there’d be no pain. Days came and went Some not well spent.
Snowflakes quiver on the  edge of something new, knew there would be no return afterwards.  The snow collected and stuck together  -birds of a feather-  the land grew cold, 
CORNEA. it is the Fourth of July and I am sixteen years old.
//Patience//        there has been a change.    await, await ; in the sound of fate ,   no mantra to convince you ; no ecstasy to taint you .   far away, far away ; stands 
Porque te amo... I'll endure all the looks we get in public. I'll skip all dates with friends to stay with you. Parce que je'taime... I will never get tired of giving you kisses
I'm done, but   I want more, though   I'm tired and overworked   my eyes have got luggage and my head has begun to hurt   I'm getting by on mania
I've got a pair of shoes. They are new, fresh, clean.   Here comes the race; I want to win nervous   We start to race and my heart beats beats and beats
  The spirit of an earthly man is effortless. Buried in flesh and the ways of this world. Though living each day in his master’s indulgence, he is without internal conflict.
Ash thick in the air,Getting hard to breath.Is this really despair?Is it time to leave? I fought the good fight,and vowed not to quit.Am I stumbling in the night?Or is this just it?
Light starting to fade,Flashlight batteries on low.Feet planted on slanted surface,With no friction below.
Sense of humorslowly fading away.Was it a tool for pleasure?Or just a mask per-se. It was constantly in me.The first thing i would useWhen a friend was in needOr when i needed to diffuse.
I’m having a panic attack, help. My chest heaves, and I can’t quite breathe. Help, please, I plead.   Silently I wait for my negative thoughts to disappear.
Blind she stumbles through the façade Everything perfect, now always flawed. With open eyes, the illusion presents, With lies and cheats it only makes sense.  
Within, there must be that voice...The one to push you to succeed.For me, it tells me that all is okay,And I need to prepare for what I may see.  
How many more painful times must I die? Spear and katana piercing through my soul. Though pained and drying tears I cannot cry.   From the start of time I have wished to fly,
They say mankind will kill himself But what am I supposed to do if I’m born in a war If my life is on the line……play victim, inflame my heart with fear? When the only thing I fear is God
I'd rather not be, I'll hide behind the screens. Don't bother showing yourself. Trust, it ain't worth it. Exposing is only going to lead to hurting. Trust, I know. Listen to my story.
Weak is what they call you. Unreasonable is what they deem you. Useless is how they label you. And pointless is how they label your dream
They have put me in an ice chamberThey have made me their PierrotMy kingdom of self hateNever good enough
Cruise through the blues.  Through the desperation. Through the bruised times and the glued decorations. Let the tune keep playin'.  No more record breakin'. I got room in my mind, dude, I left it vacant.
The strongest man endures the darkest days But to endure does not mean that he simply Takes And
I push and I push,
Eighteen score years ago, a cradled crying baby - who was given an enlightened path - was born
If the beginning is the sunrise Then are ashes the end? Or is the end the silence Of men? When does the light refuse to fill And when does man refuse to kill? If this is the end is it saccharine
Potential is what I see when I look in in the mirror staring at me. Thousands of ways to help the world... But will I be so ever bold? To work one of my destined careers, That helps both of Earth's hemispheres?
I’m sinking. Store bought water wings Are full of holes. My cheap tweety bird education Through public registration
Day in and day out Moment to moment Rain beats my broken back. Dripping down my War torn face, Water, tears, mix. For years have I born, For years has it stuck, No end ever rearing
Every month,
I used to look down a lot My head full of melancholic thoughts And myself  so weighed down I could not stand up.   In fact I was falling, deeper and deeper into a depression
You told me you love me, Yet where are you now. My birthday approaches, Yet not one word from you.
(poems go here)Life is hard. It isn't all lottery winners, Full of billionaires, and perfect couples.   It's grity, dysfunctional, Slogging to try and make What tomorrow is better than today.
You're so sad, your tears illuminate a dreariness that words can't describe, you're so angry, the wrath of your fury is something you can't hide.
Go ahead and say it a voice like a comet the moment at hand the glory of this land though growing up's tough you become strong enough to endure and push through inside the red, white and blue
The tears I'm crying, the pain I'm feeling, To know I brought it upon myself is too damn demeaning. The promises I broke, Ones I should have never made, Stop me from being with you to this very day.
What would I do? Only if you wanted me to, I would chase down the Sun for you, spending my lasting days chasing a setting Sun. For why would I wrangle in the moon?
What would I do? Only if you wanted me to, I would chase down the Sun for you, spending my lasting days chasing a setting Sun. For why would I wrangle in the moon?
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