A Necessary Sorrow

Fri, 07/26/2013 - 16:24 -- goldkid


(poems go here)Life is hard.

It isn't all lottery winners,

Full of billionaires,

and perfect couples.


It's grity, dysfunctional,

Slogging to try and make

What tomorrow is better than today.

To find a greater measure of peace in the morning.


Endure a little pain today

In hopes that you have less tomorrow.

You make sacrifices and allowances.

That is what's called a necesarry sorrow.


The lesser of two evils, 

The weaker of two poisons,

A less powerful beast,

A less thorn-ridden trail.


You look to a light,

Or hope for the sight of one.

Knowing or hoping it gets better.

Desperately needing it not to be in vain.


Getting shunned for a slight

Or a broken keep sake you let someone borrow.

You accept it in stride.

It is a necessary sorrow.


Getting beaten in an alley,

drawing the fire,

Turning a dangerous eye from another.

Taking the heat when you did nothing.


Skeletons in the closet,

Lies given to a trusting ear,

monsters you, yourself conceal.

Problems confronted when help's sorely needed.


Standing tall when you feel weak inside.

A boat man still rowing, but no destination he knows.

Alone in a chair when a shoulder is needed.

All of those things are necessary sorrows.


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