The Fight

Fri, 10/28/2016 - 19:23 -- Mcgyver

Ash thick in the air,
Getting hard to breath.
Is this really despair?
Is it time to leave?

I fought the good fight,
and vowed not to quit.
Am I stumbling in the night?
Or is this just it?

Through the darkness I feel,
Massive debris and rubble.
What was this foreign steel
That broke my sanctuary bubble?

Meticulously placed stones
by four hands that were scarred.
With the strongest of bones
and courage unmarred.

The unlikely pair
with no agenda or play.
Decided to care
and build a place to stay
Two years they drudged,
when true love did hatch.
Though society did judge
Their strengths over match

Never questioned their pairing,
Only just the views.
Never stopped caring.
They were each others muse.

Solid made walls,
no blueprints or plans.
Following their hearts calls,
Their fortress now stands

Was this unplanned fate
in and unplanned home?
Was there and ending date?
is this another tome?

Destruction again,
this is all too real.
This is not zen.
It's too surreal

Karma built the walls,
Our intentions not scoffed.
What causes these falls?
Was the foundation soft?

I awoke in a sweat
from another bad dream.
I hope this is just fret,
from the lack of self esteem.

My feet hit the ground,
No noise do I hear.
The walls are still sound.
Was this just fear?

The dream was so real,
Yet the thoughts are still true.
This is not how I feel,
so what do I do?

Instinct tells me to stay
and wait for the dust to clear.
My hearts says it's ok
and my sweetie will still be here.


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