Another Panic Attack

I’m having a panic attack, help.

My chest heaves, and I can’t quite breathe.

Help, please, I plead.


Silently I wait for my negative thoughts to disappear.

Their swirling, picking up pace.

All I can do is hold my phone close.


Please, please, answer your texts.

I know you’ve seen, so, please.


I’m having a panic attack, help.

I press send once again.


My thoughts have whirled into their own storm,


I don't want them to see.


Body shielded by a blanket,

Sobs muffled by a trembling fist.

Chaos and doubts broke down my inner peace.


I’m having a panic attack, help.


Every sudden noise sends my heart racing.

My parents are fighting,

I might never see my mom again,

It was all because of me.

I am tempted to send the text.


Knowledge of her own problems stop me,

Clicking delete as my thoughts reach their darkest point.


I’m having a panic attack, help.


I shut off the phone and clench my eyes shut.

They were right, no one cared.

If I were to simply disappear,

No one would shed a tear.


I am alone and no one cares.

Not my best friend,

Not my brother,

Not even my mother.


When the trembling stops, and tears dry,

I give a content sigh.

I survived.

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My family
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