Little Talks

They have put me in an ice chamber
They have made me their Pierrot
My kingdom of self hate
Never good enough
All followers of negativity


They watch and they laugh
All they see is frozen
But they never look behind
The rays shine in; they are blind.
The ice melts away, they don’t see
They don’t see my warming smile
And tears of endurance sliding off the ice.


In the water, the current is strong.
In the panic lies danger
Just be, don’t fight.
There are clouds and thunder
But blue skies ahead
I endure, the struggles shape my shell.


Washed upon the shore
Naked and alone again
in the spotlight of the moon
I gleam, no longer rejected
I open my heart,
My pearl.
Evolved by the struggle.


Now I am a phoenix
My chains fell
Now Open minded
I’m constantly evolving
All to freedom


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