What I Would Do


United States
36° 8' 46.5612" N, 115° 10' 58.7532" W

What would I do?
Only if you wanted me to,
I would chase down the Sun for you, spending my lasting days chasing a setting Sun.
For why would I wrangle in the moon?
Everyone wants it, but by morning is gone without a friendly goodbye.

What would I do?
Only if you wanted me to,
I would convince Lyra and Ariden to bring the Sun,
Close enough for you to love.
For the Sun warms the coldest of hearts,
Do you not deserve something so pure?

What would I do?
Even if you didn't wanted me to,
I would disappear.
No matter what the Sun illuminated,
You would not find me.

But you’ll remember me.
When you feel the warmth of your heart within you,
You’ll remember me.
When you stare down at the mocking shadow beneath you,
You’ll remember me,
And you'll understand all the things I would have done.

-This poem is about a girl who died trying to save her sister from sex trafficking-


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