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  Stereotype that hurts me   This is the evil partfrom me and my heart
I hate when someone gets bullied Even though I stay out of the arguments I have a personal exception  When people are bullied for being smart Often referring to them as nerds or punks
beautiful notes drifting through the halls drifting through the walls drifting through my mind drifting so that I can find   as I drift towards the end of my road
Words here and words there just tell me which one is best Which memory should I consult? Tell me what you suggest.
It seems I always knew the earth was round. From my childhood it was preached in learning. The fact always struck me as perfect, And wonderfully so.
What a glorious place is this, that the freedoms of speech and religion prevail. What a devasted place is this, that th stifling of free press exists. What a magnificent place is this,
Color encompassing unfamiliar faces   All united under one familiar flag soaring high    Unknown are the backgrounds, but defined are the races    Gathering and discussing under one sky  
“Can you hear me?” I choke out through jagged breaths  I watch the world I’d once known crumble into ashes as an odious ringing invades my ears all around me is burning but I stood there frozen  “Yes, we hear you” 
at this time of great unrest our nation stands divided in a civil war of prose snowflakes and nazis aliens and terrorists   little do our people know pride comes before the fall
As we have 1.6 Million people on the steets braving nature as if we are in year 1. As we have 4.9 percent of Americans unemployed, not counting those not even looking for jobs.
Excuses   What are they good for   Absolutely nothing   They're poor  
We are the people of the USA. We’ve got to learn that we’ve got to pray. We the people are united no matter how hard we try to be divided. Yes were different, I’ll give you that. But it only takes one to make an impact.
  People ask me what to me makes America. If you ask 1,000 people you will get 1,000 answers, some good some bad, so let me just lay down a few facts.  
America flies, but we need to soar. We strive for higher, but pull ourselves down. We look to the left; we look to the right, When the answer is meet in the middle.  
Rain - is the world's way of crying Snow - is the world's way of cleansing its life. Sun - is the world's way of showing happiness. Earthquakes -are the world's way of shouting.
I saw him From across the room I knew he would never be mine So I simply looked and admired from afar Unknowing he was doing the same to me Caught in seperate worlds United by a common thread
What is family. To me, familly is all. Family is what keeps you up and running, Family is what supports you and loves you no matter what. Withought family, my love is lost, Withought family, my hope is lost.
A boy shot in the street A cop with a gun Six witnesses and hard evidence Darren Wilson is given paid leave rather than put behind bars Ferguon is called a riot area As they block off any reports
I'm not just scared for me, I'm scared for my brother and my nephews. I'm scared that this world we live in will never give them the chance to reach their potential because they are black men in America.
Everyday is a living day  As i see people come and go by For some people is tragedy  For some others is heaven Twenty-two seven, Wandering in the streets Writing my life on these sheets
As I ponder about the essence of beauty,  I take a look at my mother's hands, oh how rough they are, filled wiht hard work
As I ponder about the essence of beauty,  I take a look at my mother's hands, oh how rough they are, filled wiht hard work
   In the midst of the Sherman & 12th man unbecoming backlash, I wrote this piece on a sunny Seattle afternoon.  
The sun shines bright upon the snow     the land a white expanse The wintry air is brisk, yet still,     the lake frozen and vast He takes her up in his arms, and     they turn to a music only they can hear
Facing the dedication plaque of The East Coast Memorial in Battery Park,sat a navy spiral bound with a worn post-it note upon the cover.Head slightly tilted, I scoff at the carelessness of some kids.
Everytime I look around and see an inhospitable stare directed at me, I want to say QUIT LOOKING AT ME! I'm no different from you
A sea of faces, multicolored pencil cases
Times are changing, That’s no question. The world we live in is constantly spiraling,  And we have been told it’s up to us to shape it into something we would want to live in.
Walking down the street Its more than a dream Its the reality that makes my soul want to jump out of me What I see is a frightening sight All different faces but no difference inside
The sky looked down on fields of grey, the blood of towers drifting onto a concrete street A street, nothing more, a street cold and dead, weeped from the loss of thousands.
In the eyes of God we are all the same. Human. One life. One name.  So why cant people realize that we are all the same? I dont care what color your skin shines and soaks  in. I dont care if your gay, straight or lesbian.
Cloudy, but no rain. Overcast Externally. The internal, much different. In the midst of a storm, their earth was quaking Images of a dynamic dream and whispers of, "this too shall pass."
shine. rise. I shine and rise. We rise together. We are one. One shine. One heart.
Black, White, Indian Asian, Hispanic, The color of someones skin is no reason to panic. Why should anyone have to prove their worth, We are all human beings on this planet called earth.
I want a million dollars. I want a new phone. I want an 'A' in class. I want, I want, I want.
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