World of Their Own

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:01 -- Kaelyn

The sun shines bright upon the snow
     the land a white expanse

The wintry air is brisk, yet still,
     the lake frozen and vast

He takes her up in his arms, and
     they turn to a music only they can hear

Each sweep, each lift, full of grace
     each touch, each carress, full of passion

Her lithe body folds into his
     swirling endlessly upon the glassy ice

Each step united, confident
     eating up soundless Tchaikovsky triplets

Rising, slowing, to the tempo
     sliding to and fro, sweeping high then low

The world is theirs and theirs alone
     no man can touch them as they go

The sun shines bright upon the snow
     they skate to a music, a world, of their own.


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