True Equality


Everytime I look around and see an inhospitable stare directed at me, I want to say

QUIT LOOKING AT ME! I'm no different from you

Usually I pay no attention to ignoramouses... but sometimes it agitates me

All my life I have been subjected to racial slurs by the opposite race

Likewise, so has my family...

Is it too much to ask not to be judged based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, or skin color?

To never be judged?

Yes! Appearently it is because centuries later I am still a slave to what society perceives me to be


Freedom from every negative remark,

Or freedom from the restraints history has made so strong seems.. insurmountable

Rescuing the world from these adverse, antagonistic views would be the greatest revision


All those times feeling ugly inside and out, hating myself, or feeling like i wasn't good enough for this world...

Little did I know I deserved better and so do other people facing this dilemma

Let these superficial idiots bring me or anyone else down? No...THIS HAS GOT TO CHANGE


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