Built For All

Thu, 02/23/2017 - 18:22 -- d_lopez


People ask me what to me makes America. If you ask 1,000 people you will get 1,000 answers, some good some bad, so let me just lay down a few facts.


We as human beings are not and will never be perfect. Therefore all things made by humans will not be perfect, but I will be damned if what really makes this country is not worth it.


A heart and a fist filled with grit, is what separates this country from the rest.

A spirit that at it’s best is just as fierce as the will of a wolf or the cougars in the forest.

Represented by those who sweat, by those who bled, by those who defend, by those who cried, and by those who sacrificed.

Listen from experience when you first step on this soil yes it is strange, the culture does change it is not the same; thanks to the many different cultures that made this beautiful place, what it is today.

Though one thing that does not change, is when you look in a mirror and see your face. That will forever remain the same; but no ones face is the same not even friends or families; does that make you love them any less?


Look at Mother Nature how beautiful she is regardless of the shape or color that is takes.

Do not let this land be taken by ignorance, for we all have our differences, and all have our reasons but one purpose of why we came.

So it is now time to show that every time we get punched to the ground, just how we rise and the world will hear a roar louder than any grizzly bear in any mountain of this amazing nation; a roar powered by millions of different people from many different places that made this.

All this was made by those who came here all looking for the same, to be free from certain restraints that threaten our way to pave the future, because if this country has ever been anything it is and will always be untamed.

This country is famed not by those who want to take without remorse; those who work and give back fame it.

Understand that this land and the flag we raise everyday is not run by cameras, nor is it ran by those who rant about promises that only protect a certain class or promises that are never kept.

This nation is ran by us the Americans, the average American citizen, the white American, Hispanic, Caribbean, Polynesian, native American, African American, Asian, African, European, Arabian, Irish, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, Christian, catholic, man, woman, lesbian, gay and straight.

It is not about making America great again because no matter how much I love and how amazing I think this country is, it was not always great it has made its mistakes; it’s about encouraging America to love regardless of the shade that is on our faces.

This is not just a poem it’s a statement by those who need to be hear; so do not be silent let your voice be heard.

Let your spirit soar like that of the American bald eagle, our symbol that fights for honor and against dishonor.

Let it be heard let it be known, that this grand land, this soil, this nation, this the united states of America was not built by one it was built by all for all.

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