The Dominant Syncopation

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 12:00 -- TexanEm

A sea of faces, multicolored pencil cases
Bobbing and plodding, clashing and crashing
Growing stronger and harder, afraid, dismayed and frayed
All harried by what is secretly carried, lest one tarry and be made the merry

Eviscerated and venerated,
Friends methylated,
“overrated” she so indicated
And now it’s syndicated.

Is this how we are fated to be?
Above, full of tranquility
Below, blistering roiling seas of fear and insecurity

Emotions, fickle things, much like the squalls:
Decisions to love, hate, or to simply feel.
Gusting and dragging our sails onto common ways

Forward Civility: that backwards cruel anonymity
"And why do dreams die?"
"'cause." That's the lie

Sisters segregated, each with a cast iron delegation,
What unconstitutional legislation

Whispers met with consternation
Rending an entire nation,
the now accepted syncopation


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