Behind the Curtain Slam

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As I look in the mirror, who do I see? Who is this girl staring back at me? With her bright eyed smile, so pretty and nice, Has anyone stopped to ask if she's alright? Struggling with imperfections, and flaws,
Behind the curtain, Beneath the surface, I am confident. I am content. With my being, With my insightful views, And with where I am. When the curtains are drawn,
Curtains, i cry in my distress, Curtains. You lie to me about who i am, you dull the light. Yet  i can not be tricked for i am certain. you push people away, with all your might.  
Bubbly and happy I race for the sky, Light and free I act as we soar, But once you leave and I'm back on the ground, I can't seem to find my wings anymore.
  The Person of a Crumbling Façade   I know a person.   A person on a pedestal.  
You always hear about the girl next door The one you see on the walk to the corner store That one you envy for being so perfect Pain is something you don't detect She has long beautiful blonde hair
Playing the second fiddle, Being second best, One might expect detainment, But there’s never any rest. Constant adoration, For the one who broke your chest, With the constant understanding,
The Judges and the Mask   Polars in contrast, the girl hidden and the girl you see. For the comfort of conformity, I hide the misfit and present the queen.
From various faces I see the same The touch of a feather is all it takes   Makes me feel like I'm not real who am I here today? I saw a pebble cry once it was thrown, kicked, smashed and broke
L  eading you on without a reason behind my actions I   mean I am only trying to allow you to see the way that I do A  girl from a small town, but I am still wrapped inside a big box twisting your mental.
A strong grip on my spear of light,
Why  don't you see. you look right through me Am I just a pedicel of dust floating around something you don't want to cross Am I just waste of space, I truly do feel this way
You look but you dont see You judge without knowing the real me Walking through the schools hallways at a fast pace Wondering if people notice this smile is just a mask on my face I walk as though I am one of you
On the outsideAn expectation of a certain presentationOverwhelming uncertainty presentsI see a door Into the roomHeavy curtains fall plenty
the real me a question we ask ourselves when in doubt no one knows the real me am i athletic, a nerd, popular? we wear masks to hide our true selves
  I feel this twisting in my stomach, I fight to keep a straight face. Secretly I wonder, Do you feel the things I do? The same desires? No, you don't. 
Compartmentalize, Idealize, try to forget the lies,Pretend it doesn't hurt when they laugh at the color of my eyes,the size of my thighs, the lack of high IQ in my mind, forget for my own benefit,
Masks are peculiar. They take away who we are. Most wear masks to hide. I wear a mask to keep everything inside. I wear a mask to keep everything in. If I didn’t, I would fall apart again.
Theres a innocent young woman there, Hiding behind makeup and long hair, She smiles for the impression of others, Because the only person she can be true to is her mother.  
People want me to work hard People expect me to be a Genius It's all Math and Science People expect me to be a Model It's all make-up and hair fixed right I'm a people pleaser so they get what they want
I hide behind this mask of mine The pain inside is rarely seen Hidden far behind the curtain line To this way i am Keen   I have struggled this way for far too long As i take the stage I can see
The me you see is not the real me The cruelty of the world has pushed me into a shell  
I am alone. I have no one but myself, but thats okay, it's to prevent the pain from everyone else.
I dream amongst the stars Yet live with buildings and cars Two different places Two different faces Both have freedom, both have bars.   I sing amongst the stars I dance along  with Mars
I try to hide myself From everyone else I am not ashamed For I am not insane   But my heart yearns for love From each and everyone We are forced to wear a mask
On the outside I ooze confidence, Im loud and opininated. I come off strong and positive. I am a mother and a father, a sister and a brother. Im tattooed and pierced. I dont show my fears and I am me.
Behind the curtain and deep inside There’s a girl who can no longer hide She has been hidden too very long And is no longer able to be strong Her hopes are high, and savings low All she wants to do is grow!
For years I lived, hiding behind a curtain     Living in fear, always uncertain I dreaded the days of middle school,   Was my hair a mess? Was my outfit uncool? But as I grew older I began to realize
The struggle- it's real. But we mask it, and we hide it, and we walk away from it thinking it will finally just disappear. I've struggled many years like countless before me and thousands after me.
Was it the 8 year loss? Maybe her death and the family of crushed dreams... Mental issues.. Maybe? All the way from fetal stage, Most likely genetics from the bloodline, ya Nerd.  
I have clouds of sulfur in my eyesThat cloud my truth and give me lies.In my bed awake at night,I lie for hours frozen in fright.He lurks behind my bed,Runs crazy nightmares through my head.
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