Pretty Girl


United States
33° 23' 18.6612" N, 112° 6' 47.5704" W
United States
33° 23' 18.6612" N, 112° 6' 47.5704" W

Theres a innocent young woman there,

Hiding behind makeup and long hair,

She smiles for the impression of others,

Because the only person she can be true to is her mother.


She’s so beautiful along with her mahogany skin,

But its her disability that makes her want an identical twin.

No one believes she’ll go far in life, they are all so cruel

But ask her how did she graduate at sixteen with honors from high school


As a programmer she figures she doesn’t need good communication

But has anyone ever told her it’s all about the higher education

She wants to make a difference in the world and help the hearing impaired

Because of her experiences in life she’s the one who  truly care.


Their words don’t hurt her, it only motivates her to keep working hard

Of course she believes in herself and believes she will make it very far.

She will continue to wear her makeup and pretty long hair

But when she achieves her goals in life she’ll thank you for making her a billionaire.


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