Two Different Places, Two Different Faces

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 20:04 -- mselzer

I dream amongst the stars

Yet live with buildings and cars

Two different places

Two different faces

Both have freedom, both have bars.


I sing amongst the stars

I dance along  with Mars

Peace and freedom

Reign in this Kingdom

I shine with Sun, Moon, and Stars


I live within a civilization

Running towards damnation

I fight it boldly

While others act coldly

Making it fall nation after nation


I paint next to the Moon

And make my music a gentle tune

Venus teaches me love

While Angels smile above

And to Death, I am immune.


I stay with my physical body

Character and Strength speak for me

Wisdom and Pride

Are close by my side

As is brutal Honesty


All this to say

As I go throughout my day

I'm living in two different places

With slightly different faces

But honest and strong I will stay.



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