body positive

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I had a boy come up to me once When he heard I’d be singing at our high school’s senior award ceremony. To ask “what will you be singing? a whale song?” He turned to his friends and began to laugh
Courage Poem I am no Superhero!  I am Faith Rodriguez and making  a difference in this world I suffer from depression, and I refuse to let fear take hold
When I was browsing Old photos On your old laptop that Can’t play sound Because you broke the end of Headphones Into the jack
Breathe, in and out Curtains closed, Slowly open Smile, Bigger, Happier Don't shake, Don't show your nerves   Move, Grace, and poise Children watch and Dream One day it will be them
i think in poems when i see you four lines stanzas that all begin in how beautiful you are… and how cliché that is   in my metaphors
 Dear miss perfect,
I've never been enough I am a living paradox  So complex that I'm not enough Or I'm too much.  So they'll take me for my body    because they can't keep up with my beautiful brain.  Then, they fade a
I walk along, head held high, No single man can touch my pride. I am alone, but my heart is full, Not a single moment I feel dull. It was not always like this, I used to hate myself and diss
I think I began as a coloring book. Filled with colorless outlines of rudimentary pictures of puppies and flowers, even a dragon adorns two full pages. Rad, right?  
shove a mirror down my throat so I can focus on what's really important. I promise I won't choke. my esophagus has been conditioned with two digits.
If someone asks you to 
I think of my marks
I am jaded by the sun
Change Shapes
Loving your body at times where you need it most. Cherish those moments.
Working for money is hard and stressful.The toilet brush always drips, mildew grows like weeds.Try as you might your efforts are unsuccessful. The beetles still leak from the cracks, desperate for the crumbs that feed.
I have freckled cheeks and chapped lips. I have never known what to do with my hair, and I'm sure I sweat my makeup off before lunch everyday. I am not pretty. Because pretty is a flower, 
We are judged based on what we do but not by the actions, no by the number of times it happens.
You are more than this.Than glamour magazines.Than women on the runway.Than girls at the makeup counter.
Those poor girls, this poor me trying to navigate womanhood not knowing which way to look,
If I could change anything about the world. It would be how we see the shapes of human bodies and how they are percieved to be ugly or undesireable.   We tear down those who are too skinny
Growing. That's a scary thing to do. We don't realize that every day we change, little nuances in the way we move or speak. The way we cross the street. 
ha ha ha look at her fat! fatty fatty 2X4 couldnt fit through the kitchen door! ha ha ha you pick on me because im twice your size you pick on me because i dont care what you think
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