Grown to Love

I walk along, head held high,

No single man can touch my pride.

I am alone, but my heart is full,

Not a single moment I feel dull.

It was not always like this,

I used to hate myself and diss

The only body I have ever had.

How can I be Beautiful? I'm Bad.

I was told by people I knew

"Oh honey, that doesn't suit you."

They looked me in my eyes

I got called Fat Cow and Thunder Thighs.

So my hatred for just my body,

Popular girls acting haughty.

I thought I was only worth what they say.

I didn't think I'd ever find my own way.

It took years of effort, a slow pace,

Now I can say I have found my place.

My body may be big, but it suits my heart,

The world is better in some small part,

Because of how I conduct myself,

I have learned to love myself.

My body is a garden, I finally let it grow,

Not hating myself was tough and slow.

In the end I've made it through,

Partially? It's thanks to You. 

The love in my heart has helped me,

No greater thing there can be.

Only love, I can promise,

Will bring to your heart calmess.

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Our world
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