Prism Shift

If I could change anything

about the world.

It would be how we see the shapes of human bodies

and how they are percieved to be ugly

or undesireable.


We tear down those who are too skinny

or too fat. Because we refuse to formulate and communicate our beauty

No matter who you are

there is something beautiful.

In the curvature of your cheek. 

Or the way that you dot your "i"s and cross your '"t"'s. 


There is sunshine in someone's laughter and rose petals in your soul.

But we can't see that for ourselves

and the world refuses to believe that we are beautiful.


Then we need to change how we think about and look upon the body.

We break down, whether it is in a porcelain bowl, or the comfort of the cupboard.

Or the abscence of both. 


If I could change anything, I'd change the prismic range, the passionate vision of beauty into an all encompassing sea of bodies.

Floating in an endless wave of self respect and love, because there is no way that we are able to go on, to be healthy, without even a single drop. 

I want to change how we see each other.

How we know each other

and how we interact

on a quantum level, down to our very sub atomic particles. 

Our bodies are art, and we must all accept our places as artists. Whether with finger paint or with careful brush strokes, we make ourselves who we are and who we want to be.

I want to see the world as I see myself, cosmically beautiful, effulgent and sparkling

in a mirror that tells no lies. 


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