The Moon Talks to the Sun

I am jaded by the sun
There’s the bay where the sky stretches a rainbow
There’s a sea where there lies serenity
And then there is me 
A sprinkler out of water
Sputtering and trying to let it out and explode 
There is me
And the crater where my feelings used to be
You are the only one who saw me before
Tell them I was alive once
You are the only one who saw my eyes
When they blinked because I was nervous
Tell them I smiled once a day for twelve hours
Please tell them I had a smile
I am jaded by the sun
Till I don’t know if I shine
or reflect the light from its face
Underneath my shadowed face
is volcano, rock overhead 
long ago put to rest
But I swear I can pop
bubble and ooze for a while
You and I know I haven’t been quick or happy for a while
But I want to use my turbulent power
To paint my dry lips red
Make me shine brighter than the orange ball of you
And make me more than a rock
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