Plus Size, Fun Size

i think in poems

when i see you

four lines stanzas that all begin in

how beautiful you are…

and how cliché that is


in my metaphors

just know they mean

i love you

no comprehension is necessary ma’am


i don’t even understand why i love you



i get on one knee


i might just stand on a table and give a pen to myself

incorporate “will you marry me?” into a poem


booty is great

booty is live

would you give me the honor of being my wife?


singular pronouns out of the way

i’d like to confess my love for all the girls in my life and all the girls who are a-live but die

on the inside when they see a picture of themselves

someone else took

it is so incredibly sexy

in a respectful way

i am a gentleman

to watch who run the world


thighs jiggling

shoulders back


i want to kiss you in intimate places

boys called sexy

i’ll call beautiful

replace lust with love

if i am not enough

i’ll hold the door open

long so it won’t hit you on the way out


you are five-foot

pant size six

you are a ten


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