Changing Shapes

Change Shapes


I wonder what water thinks when it flows across land

Bouncing off rocks, branches, and other droplets of water

But why does water even decide to form collectives?

Are rivers, creeks, and streams there to make water feel safe

and not alone?

It falls down into a puddle which widens and rips through land

to make a gushing river

To be together  

and not alone  


People are brothers of water


Husbands and wives

A house to make us safe and collected 

Finding someone you are cohesive with

To be together

And not alone


Sometimes we act a little bit too much like water

Changing ourselves for other people’s amiable feelings

You hope that rearranging your tendencies like how water rearranges itself to fit into a cylindrical container will make you fit;

fit in

To not feel alone

You hope this will be refreshing and cool to that person’s tongue you twisted your bones to mix with


But your new shape comes up to the sides of the container you were condemned to 

A drop slips over the edge

And then your whole being rushes out

You hesitate for a moment,

hoping the door to leave stays open

You leave without a coat and feel the rain 

You are so much more than what this person made you out to be

And you no longer worry about being a cylinder or square


This poem is about: 
My community


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