Dear Mrs. Perfect

 Dear miss perfect,

How are you today?
How are the social pressures?
Of course, I wouldn't understand.
I'm not like you
I don't wear an invisible tiara upon my pretty head
I don't walk through the halls filled with confidence and self-assurance,

but you see it's hard for me, being a girl of bigger size.

I can't wear the clothes you do.
Or even talk as you do.
Because you see,I do not wear a title of miss perfect.
Instead, I wear a title that has not yet been decided by my society.

I'm sorry if my words seem malicious, and filled with hatred.
But miss perfect they are not.
Instead, I intend for my words to be heard with admiration.
You walk through these halls in a shield of armor.
One wrong move and you fall from grace.
Miss perfect stay strong.
Wear your crown with pride.
And whenever someone dares to drag you down,
stand up tall with your head held high.
Because miss perfect I am your reflection.
And I need you to see what I see.


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