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I must get away from this suffocating environment, Move to somewhere far away, Escape from the miserable people around me, Find a better life in another place, Effect a positive change to my present situation,
I first want to note to all my brothas and sistas, This is not meant for hate or discrimination, Nor is it to break the walls you have built, for this is the next layer of paint the won't be faded or dry up and start to peel.
She looked great But the loneliness took on many forms Her fake feeling soon deflates Contributing to many storms
S e l f  d o u b t  d r i v e s  h u m a n i t y  t o  i r r a t i o n a l  b e h a v i o r.  
I wake to the sound of silenceThe absence of my screamingThe absence of your shoutsThe absence of my bed squeakingThe absence o your moans.There are no violent rips of clothingNo slimy lick of the tongue
 I love resolutions  But not just any kind  It’s not that I’m picky  But there’s one in particular  That induces beautiful heart palpitations  And the grooviest finger spasms    Don’t misunderstand  I’m not a masochist  Rather, I’d like to think o
Lost because there was too much weight There was too much weight that I was starting to hate I couldn't find myself the one solution But then I realized it was all an illusion I came across the perfect community
One of these days of these nights...We won't fight and everythings gonna be alrightOne of these days one of these nights ........One of these nights everything will be alrightBut on this night just doesn't feel rightThis night your no
Trust me, you don’t want to know The thought that just flew through my head A game of quid pro quo with the status quo This cache of nostalgia makes my dread drop dead I keep craving for resolution
Oh it pays to be funny It pays to be smart It pays to work hard And complete what you start But what do we make Of the talented fool Who inherits the earth And who thinks he should rule?  
There's a rule my mother lives by, a sort of moral code: "Never put anyone before your mother." This is because your mother is always there for you. Your mothers is the reason you're alive.
My sweet daughter,
People are sensative, caring and often kind People are rude, oblivious and even blind  People are people and will act as they please No suprise considering all the tempations of this world are just a tease  
My raging heart was tortured by my demented flesh Temptations tried to eat my soul for evil I was trapped in sin with no more rest
Resolution to never be a part of any institution to cleanse my heart of this pollution In Christ alone my absolution because mankind won't provide solutions
Knock on resolution but where is your heart it should be with mine progress over perfection take it one day at a time   Join my revolution just open up your heart change is never easy
It's true to say, Every girl has flaws, And it's true that its displayed Every guy has been clawed. But ones for sure, For me it's a personal tour.   I can say that I've loved
Funny how I oftentimes write to escape, write to get shit off my chest, but it is in looking through any of the poems I have ever written that I can then tell you exactly why I wrote that, how I felt,
Transitions are never easy. I know. I have not mastered moving on. You were an awkward sentence leaving me open-ended. I knew we weren’t over, but to be continued… There wasn’t an introduction.
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