Intelligent Decadence


Oh it pays to be funny

It pays to be smart

It pays to work hard

And complete what you start

But what do we make

Of the talented fool

Who inherits the earth

And who thinks he should rule?  

God blessed him with gifts

Which he couldn't afford

Not a dime has he payed

Yet he thinks he is Lord.  

Oh he knows all the tricks- 

So he's never lost

He's never been hurt

Never did pay the cost

Till suddenly life

Does her damn bitter best

And deliver's him something

Too dark to be jest

And he staggers and grasps

For just one feeble breath

As he clambers away

From this visage of death.  

His end he does see

If he doesn't step up

And if he should fail

Well, he's flat out of luck.  

This poet has seen

His fair share of the dark

Knows he must go through it

To make his true mark.  

So the message I leave

From my bitter life

As an intelligent fool

That is born of my strife, is: 

Of all of the virtues

We mentioned before

It's hard work that counts- 

Of this, do be sure.  

To be heard


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