Evolution: My Revolution

This is my  revolution

A simple illusion

Unlike air pollution

This will be felt

As I will earn the champion's belt,

And go the distance

To mark my existence

So life won't be in vain

Leaving a trail of pain

Like a fast going train

I am going to train

Might become a little insane

And end up needing a cane

But my fire will be felt even through the thickest of rain

This is no lie

One day I expect to fly

While hitting rewind on every track

Looking for another reason to continue the attack

So back up

As I don't plan to wrap this up

Any time soon

Aiming for the moon

With skills

That one day will pay the monthly bills

Ha, I know that one gave you the chills

Line after line

All so fine

Knowing I will shine

Throwing clean disses left and right

Asking for a fight

Knowing someone just might

Agree to being destroyed

Getting pumped on steroids

While I plan to drop like an asteroid

With the mind of an android

Far superior than the Vision and Ultron

More like Megatron

The infamous monster

Who will end up on a poster

On the wall of some poser


Claiming to be a writer

But becoming whiter


In my shadow  

Hearing my rattle

Without a rap battle

But I'll settle it quick

With a swing of a stick

Another dimension I might just rip into

And go into

To become the supreme being

Freeing their mind

With an undefined

Set of weapons

Taking their most prized possession

The most valuable thing in life their attention

And come back with an army to take over every nation

Call it the new invasion

Where the people will have no chance at evasion

Continuing the cycle of evolution

Writing up my own constitution

Starting with number one being thou shalt be free

For I foresee

The future with no tree

In sight

A continuing war fight

With nuclear missiles

Not even pistols

So space I will bend

And time I will spend

Trying to figure out a way to salvation

Hopefully avoiding eradication

Proving that even Evolution

Can reach a stable Resolution.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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