girl power

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl known for her smile, that lit up the world. little did they know how she felt in bed every night, all alone, all those tears she shed.
"Who run the world? Girls," Beyonce once said. It really is the truth, though. We girls are capable of Taking the world with our own Two hands and ruling the globe. Anyone up for world domination?
Long time, no see. I heard when I left, you threw a party. I heard that nobody came. Time sure flies by. But now that I'm back, you want me again. Sorry to burst your bubble;
girl to woman, where does it begin? how can we know which phase we are in?   in a woman, wisdom, in a girl, curiosity. but in both, strength is a shared quality.   i find in myself in each new moment, 
I become more like the woman I wished to be everyday    I wear golden rings  And keep mints in my bag  Car keys in my pocket 
Dull stardust dims the light that no longer reflects the Sun.Night reigns eternal, silent and dark,Echoes sounding off to make sure they aren’t alone.This was the Queen of the Day’s before she vanished,
Dull stardust dims the light that no longer reflects the Sun.Night reigns eternal, silent and dark,Echoes sounding off to make sure they aren’t alone.This was the Queen of the Day’s before she vanished,
Try When I was a child I was innocent I was free as the leaves I chased I was living in wonder. but Childhood leaves us.
What do you see when looking at me from afar? Staring at me with those stones in your eye sockets. The lava pours over the top and out my ears.
Breathe, in and out Curtains closed, Slowly open Smile, Bigger, Happier Don't shake, Don't show your nerves   Move, Grace, and poise Children watch and Dream One day it will be them
We are hurt, But now we are stronger   We were weak, But now we have power   There is nothing that can break us There is nothing stopping us   In a suppressed culture,
Several suffer from the same persecutions. Rough, rampaging  Oceans may seperate the victims in space, but in savage Cruelty they are united. We are denied the rights given to us 
Kind, sympathetic, understanding, gentle This description was detrimental Because Snow White did not hope to be “fairest of them all”
We all know the story of Cinderella Snuck out, lost a shoe and met a fella They change the story as time went by But I have the non-fiction, refreshing lines She did sneak out, she lost the heel,
My name is Aurora, and you probably know my classic tale, But what if I was to tell you that in the end it failed?   It started when a fifteen-year-old I Touched a spindle and nearly died  
"Once upon a time" is always the preface of a princess story. A story where the guy finds the girl and saves her from the position that she's been put in. Where her black and white world suddenly has color.
The scene always opens with a girl in rags On the floor Tired and overworked Exhausted and sore. The archetype who deserves so much more.
Your eyes are swollen. Tears stain your cheeks What is it? You know you can talk to me Go on, I swear I'll listen love Slurring your words, try and speak up Unfortunate souls, raised to stomp upon Lillies
she strives for the end  begs for release a queen caged Fear me in the beginning so your end  try to Break me  i'll just bend Shatter me i''ll put myself together
She is the Elephant. She stomps in to make everybody know she is here to stay. Following along, is her younglings that she will protect till the day she is no more. She is the Elephant.
Ladies? Are we worthy of the title? Such beautiful masterpieces  Being scammed out of our worth by theives Who expect me to believe That my ass makes me relevant And my intelligence makes me a prude
The phone rings, my heart grows wings. For a minute or two, I hope it's you. Realizing it's not, feels like I've been shot. You look at me, the only girl you see. So it seems,
Love is patient, love is kind, As Paul so eloquently wrote But love is fast, love is temporary, It can end as quickly as an eighth note Heartbreak sucks It’s easy to see
I am strong. I can stand tall and proud. I can tak care of myself. I can do anything. I can be anything. I can take on the world all on my own. I am an independent woman dammit.
They took me by the hand to the Land of Dreams, I was young and naive, all I knew was that everyone said everything was better in the U S of A. The years quickly passed by, years where everything was fine, everything was good.
  I’m more than just a toy. I’m not a valueless thing. I’m not all about the fame, fortune, money, or bling. I’m not “your woman” and certainly not a whore. I’m me no matter what you do - 
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