Be Ladies


Are we worthy of the title?

Such beautiful masterpieces 

Being scammed out of our worth by theives

Who expect me to believe

That my ass makes me relevant

And my intelligence makes me a prude

All because I think my status in life

Lies above my cleavage lines

But young girls think their importance

Is measured by the length of their weaves

And the amount of men who will sex them

This is what our future women are becoming.

Video Models

Holding dcks as diplomas

Babies instead of wedding rings

Replacing the satisfaction of a degree

With twenty men eagerly watching her remove her G-string

Knows no difference between earning money

And dirty money

As long as it's Green

I'll make it in life on the Twerk Team

No respect

And you can stand up straight

But to a dog your back will always be bent

You can repent 

But your sins will always live 

In the skin you expose to dirty men

And you say you live life with no regrets

Where are my ladies?

Who know that their power 

Does not lie between their legs

Who don't need two dogs to feel like a bad bitch

Who can feel sexy without deterioating 

Their pride and relevance

Because the world's applause from achieving success 

Means more than an ass clapping to

hypnotized bobbling heads 

Whose hands mimmick what they see

A round of applause as they clap in sync 

With the movement of her cheeks 

Which would you like to be?

An item or an idol

Don't fall prey beautiful babies

We are Queens

Meant to intimidate 

Not to entertain

So grab your crown 

Cross your legs

And please

Be Ladies


This poem is about: 
My country


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