The phone rings,

my heart grows wings.

For a minute or two,

I hope it's you.

Realizing it's not,

feels like I've been shot.

You look at me, the only girl you see.

So it seems,

according to my bestfriend delusion.

Feelings I try to convey and you turn away.

As if I have nothing important to say.

The words you speak, "You're beautiful"

are weak.

I've heard them before,

words of brainwash to get your way.

My heart screams




I will,

and I won't look back.

A memory in a haze.

I didn't write your name on any piece of my heart.

I forgot to cross T's and dot I's.

I didn't forget to see through your lies.

I have opened my eyes.

Though I am naive,

searching for kindness in a world without smiles to spare,

I am not the only one chasing a dream.


I don't want pennies and dimes you are handing me.

I can get so much more, 

from above.

I am rich because that is where I invest,

my love.






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