Sun, 04/17/2016 - 02:07 -- ArayahC

Your eyes are swollen. Tears stain your cheeks
What is it? You know you can talk to me
Go on, I swear I'll listen love
Slurring your words, try and speak up
Unfortunate souls, raised to stomp upon Lillies
Guess what? You're stronger than them little missy
You're beauty has overwhelmed them,
Now they wish for your Queen-like grace to end.
Their senses have been engulfed, rendering them senseless, they are envious.
Pray for them dear, they react out of fear.
People like them normally don't make it out alright
They toss and turn through out the night.
Their twisted thoughts eat them alive
Pity them, Come now don't cry.
They've no idea who you are,
In the cold night sky you are the only star.
They are lost angel, show them the way
They don't know kindness, teach them not to hate.
Get up child, let these words set in a while.
You wonderfully sweet Queen, you have all this power and it's time for you to see.

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Our world


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