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When I was a child

I was innocent

I was free as the leaves I chased

I was living in wonder.

but Childhood leaves us.

    But Childhood

          Leaves us as

                         The world is cut into enemies and friends   and

                                                                     Lines are drawn in the sand.

                                                                     Childhood leaves us as

                                                    He said with a smile

                           How unimportant

                     How insignificant

              How small

I was.

But why?

Why did I not ask my mother that question

But why?

He said with a smile

You are a girl.


Laugh laugh laugh

Laugh because he does

Because no one else saw

Because no one else would stand up

Laugh for years as my body is belittled

Laugh on the bus home

Laugh while I cry

Laugh as I watch childhood leave me.


One can only laugh so long.


In a moment, in an instant it


The universe, in a second


To say,



Childhood left and it’s not coming back

But we shall not mourn the loss for there are things to


People to


Who’s laughing now?


Build myself an empire of the insults that were thrown

Squeeze the lead until it’s gold, for

No one can touch a queen who conquers

Let  me repeat

No one touches a Queen

Who built herself with her bare hands

Who battled to find her own worth in the leftover ashes

Who drew blood

Who  lost blood in the war with the devil’s angels

No one touches her for she is



So try, little boy

To bring this wall down

Try, I d a r e you

To shoot arrows at This

Try to kill my ambitions

No, I have built myself an

       E M  P I R    E.


When I walk it is never without purpose.

When I speak it is never without point.

When I choose I choose wisely.

And I choose

To burn your memory

Let it fall to nothing

And walk away.

Because of you I was destroyed

But I chose to rebuild.

Now you are no longer needed. You are nothing

And I am everything.

Perhaps it’s vain

But to be fair,


You had it coming. By Tamsen Tanner

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