Love is patient, love is kind, but heartbreak sucks

Love is patient, love is kind,

As Paul so eloquently wrote

But love is fast, love is temporary,

It can end as quickly as an eighth note

Heartbreak sucks

It’s easy to see

After many days alone at the house

What it has done to me

Losing trust

In all kinds of guys

And then it becomes evident

How slowly time flies

Seconds seem like days

And minutes are years

Seeing him move on

Is one of your greatest fears

Though it does seem hopeless,

It does get easier

As your guy choices get more gentlemanly

And that cheater’s girl choices get sleazier

Just remember this,

Better guys are ahead

Romantic date

And kisses on your forehead

You’re better off without him

And while heartbreak may suck,

You’re a beautiful, amazing girl

And he’s the one that’s out of luck

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