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No righteous person would be a politician or a supporter of politics. All earthly governments are in fact satanic organizations. The heartless political leaders of the world are possessed by demons.
Based on true events   On Tuesday morning, evil men and women raided Lincoln Road. It was a joint police/military operation in the rush hour. The Jamaican security forces swarmed the area like locusts.
When I fired my gun at a criminal, I accidentally shot an innocent bystander.I made a horrible mistake, I was supposed to shoot someone else than her.
Laying in bed, Conflicted, Sleep not entering your head, Twisted.   Thinking of what, Tomorrow brings, Thinking of what, Tomorrow could lead.   It's a Step up, 
The government, the military, and the police are organizations that work together. These organizations should find a way to do their jobs without doing the following things. 1. Embarrass innocent people,
Politicians insincerely promise to do good things for the people. Let us expose their lies!   Biologists teach us nonsense about the evolution of humans. I say down with that lie!  
My job is to expose and discredit corrupt police and politicians. I will also keep an eye open for kidnappers and scammers. You will not see me in the shadow, but I will certainly see you.
He was Eddie Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver".He starred as the best friend of Wally Cleaver.When he starred as Eddie, his performances were sure to please.Sadly, he died on May 18, 2020 from Peripheral Artery Disease.
In the year 2020, we thought it was going to be the year that we need to live in harmony but turns out to be a phony. People die, my life a lie, made me realize, I need to open my eyes and rise to face the challenges insight.
If someone tells you that you will positively die because of your gross wickedness, But the person does not say he or she is going to kill you or let someone else kill you,
Killer Cops Its six o’clock , I turn in the news Trying decide which channel to choose Just want to relax ,but then I’m shocked
It Has Been Said That... " Words Paint Pictures "... Well CERTAIN Pictures Reflect FACTS... But CERTAIN Numbers Make Me Wonder... What's The Deal Are These Figures... REAL... ???
Compatriots, we must never forget the gruesome massacre in Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli Gardens has the lowest crime rate and it is in fact the safest place in Kingston.
Is there any good egg in the worldwide organization of police? Draw a conclusion based on the factual information presented. .
You try to limit my lawful opinion by threats, scared tactics and intimidation. The truth terrifies you evil serpents, so you do not want to hear it. You flee in confusion like insane persons when nobody is pursuing you. .
Taking The Train Is NOT Quite The Same... Cos' I'm Now A DANGER In IDIOTS Brains'... !!! Time And AGAIN... It's The OLD... " Same Ol' Same "... !!!!!
Well It Seems It's... OPEN SEASON... For... MURDEROUS Policing... !?! NO MORE Will Blacks Take Beatings... !!!
We're Now In Some... ... " TROUBLED Times "... !!! So Many Crimes... !!! And Yet We KEEP... "Ignoring".................. SIGNS.... !!!!! I Have A Good Friend... Who's Always said...
Now.... It’s A PROBLEM THEY'VE CREATED... !!! The... Covering of Faces... In Various Public Spaces... !!! So Now Minnesota’s Facing... PROTESTS And NO Social Spacing... !!!
.... "Yo, for my anger settle, .... Man give me a treble ! .... Wait, i've got to mingle .... So, give me a single .... in fact, i'll take a double .... cos' this may start trouble !"
If you only knew the sensation of being jolted awake, 3a.m., time and time again. Until sleep no longer feels necessary to survive and your body and mind become numb.
Do You PREFER To Hear Words That Leave You ... " STIRRED " ... Or Prefer To Hear Verse That's A Lil' PERVERSE ... !?!
Axe Murderers ... " GUILTY As Charged " ... !!!!! They'll Now Spend Time STUCK Behind Bars .... !!!!! But Let Me Pull Some OTHER Cards ... From The Pack Where GUILT Is Stacked ... !!!!!
Well Well Well..... What Can You Smell ... ??? ME I Smell A Crock of LIES ... !!! From TOP LEVEL Policing Guys ......
Man Things Are Now Beyond A JOKE .... !!!!! Is EVERYBODY Taking Coc' ... ?!!!?!!!? Cos' Those Who Do Deserve To CHOKE ... !!!!!!!!
(Pt. III) ... After the 7/7 bombing ... This is the 3rd part of a Trilogy of poems to remind people about where some of their, " Anti-Islam Rhetoric ", started from ....
Why Do People ... " HATE " ... ?!? Because of Someone's Race ... ? Because of Their Religion ... ? Or Because Someone's ... " Gay " ... ? I Don't Believe In HATE ... !!! But Hate Is Getting GREAT ... !!!
It's HARD To Stay ... " Cool " .. When Police Act The FOOL ... !!! They're USING The Bomb ... To Make You BELIEVE ... That WE DON'T Belong ...
The Thought of Communities Interests Me ..... Because Communities NEED ... UNITY ... If They're Gonna SUCCEED In Keeping The Peace ... !!!
Killing became beside u now Grabbing weapons until u held us down Pop pop All you hear is the sirens now  It’s not only u but our brothers be down 
I climb out my window just to see if I can. My parents used to be police officers, no joke, yet here I am in the clubhouse of a legitimate gang.
This is a poem about police shootings. What’s are they doing? NOTHING!!! That might not answer your question, But I know something.  
The boogeyman is real just not quite in the way we think he is not a behemoth of green flesh no, the boogeyman wears blue. He does not linger underneath her your bed he roams in the open world
Her skin is the ebony of tree bark, Her hair and her uniform are both writhing shades of blue,
It was late one night. Driving around, not a care, I felt so light. Oh my! I was high as kite! While I thought I couldn't be bothered, my friend let out a holler. "COPPER!" Oh my! What a fright!
I write this to you Agbo, dear beloved cousin. Despite what they say   In your sheltered rooms, The real world says the N Word:
I rare met a man with a badge and a gun, Who deserved to wear it proudly or even at all, How dare such a man, act with crass and make puns, When he claims to protect and serve but laughs when you fall,
The Cop I want at Pride Sees the law as a growers guide To a garden of a community Written by amateurs Who only slightly know what they’re doing  
Hat on straight, a shiny badge pinned  to a crisp, white shirt.  I watch him through my big, young eyes.    He smiles at me, lacing his boots,  then kisses the top of my head.
Society its always the answer or the well thought out solution. theres no room for any type of change or evolution, When you know the revolution, won’t be televised but you stayed tuned in.
Humanity is lost and afraidAs I sit here todayI see our world enragedOur soldiers are far awayPolicemen are dying and going to their gravesI look up at the stars and I hear a voice within my heart say
Once upon a time there was a girl named Goldilocks She had lucious blonde locks who were her number one conscience they tend to whisper "Hey Goldi, you rock!" And she agrees, for without them she lacks any sense.  
We police the world We see ourselves as perfect We see wrong in all.
The Divided States Of America
I place my hand on my heart and my arm on my back and I begin to sing then I begin to reflect on all the people who gave their lives so I could live So I could come to this event where all these people
The baby is crying  he yells at her  something rises in the back of your throat  but it's the kind that holds you back you flinch as his words grow fouler  as his actions grow in recklessness 
There are boots in the dark behind him in the night like the stone cold end to a brave, stupid flight   The boy runs quick as only a boy can. This little boy still thinks he’s a man.
Greg Suhr brought me this pair of socks which were machine knitted with uniform precision, and sporting the color blue.
Bang! Another one down  A black main lies helpless on the ground People look and record with nothing to do  One reaches for their phone then another then two She falls next to him with tears in her eyes
I look up and I see the red and blue flashes.
We see in a certain way What we think we know We don't We see you struggle We see you die We do nothing We think we understand We feel sorry We see again and again We ignore
Walk with me, Lord! Walk with me!Walk with me, Lord! Walk with me!While I’m on my pilgrim journey,I need You, Jesus, to walk with me. Say it loud Im black and I’m proud 
My dad always insisted That he was called Papa. He told me this, I believe, Because that’s what he calls his dad.   My dad has a life That always puts him in danger.
You were just my brother Every morning as I'd get out of bed Mom and Dad in the kitchen holding coffee mugs as they shake their heads "We've tried everything we could" "The rehab hasn't done any good"
The fight is strong The will is weak We want the same We want a leader to rise up We want the war to stop We see no where to hide The fight will not stop We are killed We are stereotyped
The Checkpoint..   There is a point Where impunity is cheap, Just that point where asylum is not in check,   Our uniformed gods are now in chess, Ready to launch at you as pawn.
WE DO NOT BEGIN AS POLICE PROPERTY, to be freed or detained based on some guy’s mood or feeling.” he wrote..... We are not theirs... We are not of their descent. Their hair. Their skin... We are not theirs  
We got the law taking the innocentLives of some men and even some children,
Violence would have saved me. A thought I struggle to comprehend. It were the words that degraded me, broke me down, they wrapped around my neck. "Piece of shit" "worthless" "a mistake"
Take, take, take, All you do is take Give, give, give, You struggle to give Feed your children Feed your people Allow your kind to thrive To reach the sky Allow them to shine bright
Cold concrete brings ache to his body—unforgiving Drops pour through a window onto his tired back Yearning for freedom, he begs for the light of the moon, Trapped in this nightmare, the pain will not fade.
What about us kids. The ones that nobody thinks about looking at. The ones who are beat and molested. The ones who suffer quitely while having a positive front. The young kids that tried to get help but were denied because of their parents jobs.
Cease and desist Or else suffer the consequence We live in a police state Corruption is rampant Forces of racists and brutatlity reign Another innocent gunned down, bring a city to fame
With the music of the sirens, We each turn our ear; We think of tomorrow, Though we cower in fear. Yes, the broken and bleeding, You have us standing right here. Will you fire on your own people?
Twisted lies and teary eyes These news titles on the rise Wrong perspectives, strong objectives Activists are the real detectives Police brutality? Our reality? Families surviving on calamity
Enter the victim, normally dead, Shot, bludgeoned, or pushed off a cliff, on his head,
All across the nation people are searching for retaliation.
Crowds going wild yet I'm laying in bed, People being murdered but I was snoaring they said, Cherries petals and whipcream all over the bed, Blood and bodies mangled, rest in peace to the dead
Thank you to those who gave me the opportunity the live my life. To those who sacrificed their lives for the lives for others. To those who stood up for what they believed in. To those who knew right from wrong.
The drum beat of a life.  Constant, unwavering.  The voice of a child. Small, helpless. The words of desperation.  A last stand, a final chance.  The cry for help.
What are we doing?....What have we become?   We’re just gang banging…   Lampin’: Hanging out under a street-light, on gangsta turf waitin’ for a Ghetto Star: A top street drug dealer
Government officials have fallen into the chains of guilty corruption, Our endowed right is no longer the Pursuit of Happiness.  This backfires on our economic production, We the citizens have no wall of security.
There’s Suffering and crying, and a lot of people are still dying World leaders getting richer while their peoples bodies are piling Up to a mountainous top, corpses spewing like the steam from a boiling pot, of Genocide
It was a sunny frid
  Sweaty palms, the itchy insides of the smoky marsh pits, discolored cloudy eyes with battered Fort Knox thighs,
The layered glory and weakness, The wounded and the broken, Finally receive good news. Some of the lost have been found. Some of the dying have been saved. Some of the bad have been beaten.
This is not reality, but it should be! I imagine a world where kids don't kill themselves.
A perfect picture of one’s life A perfect answer to one’s crime.  
"It would be a waste of a mind" "You're just a girl" "No one would take you seriously"  "You could do bigger things" "You're too small"   My mind; an asset My gender; irrelevant 
Vuela por los cielos, cuida a todos en la Tierra, atraído al combate y a los duelos llegó más alto que la hermosa sierra.
The school from which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. received his doctorate, Boston University, is, as its name implies, located in Boston, Massachusetts. This city is located in liberal New England.
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