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United States

Hat on straight,

a shiny badge pinned 

to a crisp, white shirt. 

I watch him through my big, young eyes. 


He smiles at me,

lacing his boots, 

then kisses the top of my head.

My dad is the coolest, 

I think to myself. 


When I was young, 

I did not understand 

the horrors of the world. 

I did not understand that when my dad puts on 

his crisp white shirt, 

his shiny badge, 

his big black boots,

he puts his life on the line as well.


With the weight of the world on his shoulders,

He leaves my mom,

my sister, 


To protect.

To serve.

But many people

get angry at him,

for so many things. 


They shout.

They scream obsencities

in his face. 

They spit.

They fight. 


They forget he is

a son. 

A brother. 

A father.

A friend.

They forget that every minute

he is late

or doesn't call,

we worry. 


Many people forget 

he is not perfect,

he makes mistakes.

They want to point fingers, 

say he is wrong. 

But yet call him

when they're in trouble. 


So the next time you're in trouble, 

remember this...

He does not want 

to hurt. 

To harm.

He wants to protect.

He wants to help. 

He does not mind 

one's sense of entitlement to be under his protection.


All he wants to do is serve and protect.





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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