Conscience Locks

Once upon a time there was a girl named Goldilocks

She had lucious blonde locks who were her number one conscience

they tend to whisper "Hey Goldi, you rock!"

And she agrees, for without them she lacks any sense.


One day her mom drove her to Great Clips

They then asked what kind of cut she yearned for

In reply she asked for the teeniest of snips

and when she peeked below she saw all her locks smothering the floor


Now without her locks she has no common sense

She looked at them and said today you'll rue the day!

She doesn't even know what that meant

Then ran down the street because she didn't know what else say


Walking around with the heaviest frown

She happened to stumble upon a house with a red door,

when she knocked once, the silence mocked her without producing any sound

In return she took a rock and smashed the window and glass went flying to the floor.


In the moment she had the urge to climb inside

So she did and didn't know if this was wrong or right,

Rules? There were none to even abide

Soups! Beds! All in her sight


Then not even a minute passed

The police came and tazed her as she was eating no less

She set off the alarm and the cops responded fast

Now she's in jail for breaking and entering the premisice


Goldilocks stood no chance without her locks

What she did today was simply a mess

At the end her locks couldn't tell her that she "rocks"

because breaking and entering is a serious offense.


This poem is about: 
My country


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