A choice

The baby is crying 

he yells at her 

something rises in the back of your throat 

but it's the kind that holds you back

you flinch as his words grow fouler 

as his actions grow in recklessness 

you're afraid

maybe it will stop but it won't 

sometimes we don't want to face our fears

sometimes we don't have a choice

times when he is drunk and angry

he's dangerous and mom can't handle him

she never could 

she doesn't understand that he won't change

he won't make that choice 

you would 

the baby cries on cold black asphalt late at night 

helicopters above and police sirens scare her 

her papa won't come outside the house 

when he does hands behind his back two police officers on him 

her eyes are covered 

her mother is crying and so are you 

you make the mistake of looking up and you catch his eye 

your heart stops 

you're afraid 

sometimes we have to face our fears

sometimes we have to make a choice 

so I did


This poem is about: 
My family


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