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The sublime beauty of woman bearing the sorrow of her clan Heart cloaked in unseen sorrow Hoping for a sweeter morrow   Holding the tears as you weep Softly in your mind to keep
I have not written a letter  like this in a long time. It really has been a long time. I have been thinking about  what to say, how to say it, 
Don't define someone by what they do.  Nor should you identify a person by how they think. Judge not by the color of one's skin or their racial and ethnic background. Don't define someone by their disease.
First time in college, I learn to adapt the surroundings and the life as a college student, where good comes in to play with me, I can donate and have fun with other people.  
All this time I’ve livedin another reality.All I did was giveand I was happy.   My reality is notwhat you would expect.But I wasn’t taught to not let it affect.  
A mountain compared to the girl Towering so far above her  She swears the moon dips right below it   Hammer in one hand, chisel in the other She moves forward on the whispers 
I have taken life I cannot giveI have pulled the veil of past shadows over meTo search for peace I have taken and cannot findBut still I reach, searching amongst distorted memories of what I must be
Mathaya,   I, your author, write To encourage you for the Coming days ahead.   My main character Is you; you’ll learn hard lessons. You’ll come through each one.  
My momma taught Me That no matter how long the journey is Parents will leave you to your fate She also told me That no matter how long the journey is Father and mother will jilt you
Me. The Little Flame, Ember Flameheart is my name, Love you, and all else.  
From the African jungles, to the ancient African temples; Why do we praise Shakespeare? We see as the water ripples, our people once shook speares.   Remember, Africa created art.
Who am I? Do I let you define me, no! It's my heart and soul that carries me. I am resilient and full of character. i am who i am
Anger calls out to you, and addresses you with full confidence Needing that aggression to feel accepted, feeling out of place otherwise.
Without us, you would not be here Standing on the now polluted ground Without us, you would always fear Of what might happen if you are found  Without us, you cannot see The joyful things that are here today
She was merely just a character,
Summer died; Winter resurrecte
Opportunities aren’t abound for women like me My face has been stepped on My history utterly destroyed They haven’t fared well If one can imagine them left in my position at birthIf our lives were switched
The hours, the preparation, the blood, sweat and tears All for that one moment Recognition.   As the audience claps and cheers at the performance pure Ecstasy consumes me.
I will take hundreds before I find the perfect one. It is imperative to pick the correct filter. It needs to make me look tanner while also concealing the bags under my eyes.  
One day I walked onto a stage I read a few words from the page I didn't know I could act That was a fact But that's what I did from that age. My newfound love I could not flee
Can I Get A Story I am Black and American Yet I am labeled as white And not because I bite
Flawless: without any mistake, blemish, shortcoming, or imperfection    They say nobody's perfect, but are they imperfections if I'm in love with them? 
One day you are going to wake up and notice that you should've tried. You are worth the fight. Stop the Negative as well as start the positive. Vast things happen when you distance yourself from the negative.
when I am feeling down, but not feeling music I get my radio then I tune it,  I throw my hands in the air and wave like I just dont really care.
I anxiously await the day My novel is confirmed to play To invade your minds With my tantalizing words For my characters to wound To uplift, to hurt. For the hours I've spent In silence to toil
weird thing about astrology signs is that some people say they don't matter
I am beautiful. I walk with my head up. No looking to the left or the right of me. Nobody could bring me down   I am my own person.   I am courageous.
Flashing gems mount the noble crown  Dashing passions paint the milky gown  Pulsing plights sound within the hue-ringed hole  Convulsing fashions taint the beautiful soul   
I live, breathe, and aspire To be the one to inspire And hopefully, someday lead To see how, please continue to read   Pride, honor, and glory This is what makes a story
i am a diamond that will not be shaped to please others.
They talk about college As voluble as can be "We just want to grow up and We accept this with glee!"   You came with a warning label All you think about is your life,
If I could change one thing I would end discrimination based on race. It's not about our skin color We're all the same.   Colleges ask you to state your race But why does that matter?
People are trying to be the next big thing, trying to out do the each other like we are in a race, conforming to what we think the world wants,
     I’ve found there are questions and then there are questions.
The Whitest Soul I may be,
Things going through my head gasping for air.  Chills running all over my body  thinking why me Its my choice Should of listen but i didnt Should of cared but i didnt 
I was an ass. I was shy but an ass. When I worked up the courage to talk, all this gross undeserved arrogance would spill out like: "I'm probably smarter than you."
  Why is it that in today’s society we are still not all looked at equally? Why is it we get judged or profiled by our age, sex, and ethnicity?
I shaped a universe today, just a little more than I had the day before. I added rain on another planet, far from the plot, and though the souls on earth will never see the rain, they will feel it.
The life that we live Can dictate our character Our actions today And the ways we serve others Can help us find who we are
The power of words, is awesome to behold. They build and they break, they furl and they fold. A simple word, empowers a man, Or throws his hopes, his dreams in the can. Such simple devices, such miniscule tools,
You start off small, you are nothing New territory, new experiences, new chapter of life Feeling empty and alone, but you are not All that hard work paying off Progression and changes Comfort and confidence
Character is something that is fought for, not developed in a single day, not won in a single fight. Character is born when you place the persons of others above yourself in the realization of their importance.
Bravery, a concept of strange humanity Is it real, does it even pertain to me? Myth, legend, flaw of the human brain Something some feel is the need to gain.
Unable to wrap my mind around all the people behind in my life All those people in the pages Names in the contents Chapters of my life and writers of my character All those people History to what is me
The long and painful march stopped by the batons and dogs, Some attempted to flee, while others struggled brutally, Jim Crows counts his days; be hanged by the rope of justice,
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