a diamond

Tue, 07/15/2014 - 19:51 -- avollea

i am a diamond

that will not be shaped to

please others.

people have tried

many times:

my father--

my peers--


but i know who i am,

and my edges only sharpen,

my qualities only clear.

i am a tree

with my roots in the ground.

i bend under the winds of opinion,

but i do not break.

i feel the fire of determination in my core,

strengthening me,

giving way to seeds of mettle.

i am a mountain

that cannot be moved.

what i believe in,

i stand firm in,

and i will not be intimidated.

i will tower over others

who will try to take me down.

i am lightning

with passion electrifying my cells,

shivers running down my spine,

tingling everywhere,

thunder in my ears

when i speak.


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