First Time in College--Perspective

First time in college,

I learn to adapt the surroundings

and the life as a college student,

where good comes in to play with me,

I can donate and have fun with other people.


But also, bad comes in to trick me into misery.

In fact, I don't know how to solve problems.

This makes me lost.


Still, it is not the worst experience from college,

but I see change from high school to college.

Some people can see,

but others don't.

It is very differnt life for everyone.


I know because I still struggle

to be the best of me in college 

for the first time.


Sincerely me.



This poem is about: 
Our world



As if now, I was an Art major and minor in Geography. That sounded cooler than I 

was struggling in the Mathematics and Science stuff. I do not do well with Chemistry.

Do not let the test or someone want you to do at the college or university level.

You decide a major for yourself and have passion to work for the future.

Some freshmen have no major when starting college and they only took basics and

they decided which major around their freshmen year or later. No matter what 

took you so long to finish the degree or degrees, at least be proud how much you

progressed so far.

     However in my prespective, I saw myself as a failure based on grades and work 

etchics. More specifically in the self consciousness wanted me do the worst that I 

can do so that I felt lower than everyone's best interests and styles in any project.

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