My black is beautiful


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United States
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My sister, Mother, grandmother, aunt, my friends

We are all one

The dark roots we come from

Look deep inside you

Society see’s black single mothers, nothings

I see beauty, intelligence, strong, independent

We are toughest


We say as we want

And always keep it real

Disrespect is not in our dictionary

The way we walk, the way we talk

It’s all a rhythm to the African beats our bothers have played

As I sit here today

Society tells me I will be a teen mom, and not graduate by the time I’m 18

Is it because of the roots that I come from or the color I am


There is more than that to me

I am the African beauty that rises above my Congolese ancestry

I am bilingual as I speak to you from the tip of my tongue

Nous sont un, nous sont tous belle

We are incredible

And one day they will all see

But my sisters

We need change

As a youngster

I watch my sisters dance and shake their ass for dollar bills

Is that right, or is that wrong?

I ask myself

Truthfully I really don’t know

So I also join

I began to dance to the music that they play

Our brothers

Our own kind

As you sit here and disrespect me

How wrong can that be?

You call us bitches

I will not accept the fact that you compare me to a dog

I am more than that I am a diamond

So how dare you disrespect me?

My community is corrupting


Why do we categorize ourselves?

Now we are not just black

We are yellow bone, red bone, dark skinned

But look inside we are all one

like 2 pac said

 “ the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice and the darker the flesh and the deeper the roots”

My black is beautiful is yours?








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