Aspire to Inspire

Wed, 07/23/2014 - 23:34 -- mselzer


I live, breathe, and aspire

To be the one to inspire

And hopefully, someday lead

To see how, please continue to read


Pride, honor, and glory

This is what makes a story

The dauntless courage of one

Leaves many battles won


These are the traits that guide my life

Keeping me far from eternal strife

I hold them close to my heart

And that’s just a start


Honesty and faithfulness

Paired with mercifulness

Makes a legendary name

Covering every sin and shame


These I try to keep near

Letting go of my fear

For no one knows, my friend

When this short life might end


Work ethic supports success

Peace comes with selflessness

Love unconditional

Hope untraditional


So this is what makes my story

Not fleeting fame or temporary glory

But I live, breathe, and aspire

To be the one to inspire.


Deja Marshawna Anderson

Great Read, Live to Lead!



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