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RICHES Riches isn't all about materialization. Richness is lifestyle and divine. The most valuable thangs are invisible to the naked eye.
SOFTLY HAVE FAITH They wanna bury me ain't worry, but rather I sprout out because I'm a seedling star. Stay flurry, road to glory.
YOU CAN In learning there Abide teaching and in teaching, learning dwells. Both the lecturers and schoolers has somewhat to teach the other. Life's but a class. Every persons you met has some lessons for you.
POSITIVISM Positive mind makes wishes come true as a faithful mind manifests all hopes. #c9_fm
POSITIVITY "Positivity creates possibility and possibility begot prosperity. While humility makes prosperity durability till eternity." #C9_FM
Nothang is a happy life than seeing the thangs you do and gleeful. And nothang is a successful life than living your dreams. Thinking
5…   When you feel a hand squeezing ice into your fingertips,  cold as those distant galaxies you had always studied,  as a new star was being born, 
Through the dark and vile came the light awakening a brumal beast. With hands like fire, virtuous fingertips graze upon the unrest of the cosmos singeing all connections that once restrained it as human.
What worlds lie behind our reflection What variegated beings dance among our fate What truth is there in resurection What love lies amidst delphic hate
It's easy to paint, they say It's easy to draw, paint, and sketch without thinking Thinking about nothing Nothing that turns into, perhaps Something?   It's not as easy as you think
A year is the blink of an eye That sheds a tear, That makes things clear. A lot can change, And stay the same.   As the eye opens And sees the light What once was a blur
The greatest moments of despair and sadness stem from the polar opposite, triumph. It's the realization that you gave, fought, battled, strove, and despite your final breath, 
You don't really know What words are worth Until you live them out The words at first seem fleeting Until you take them seriously until that promise keeps echoing in your head and you wonder
The waking world I’ve realized Is limited And can’t surprise   The busy, buzzing Mind inside
mine is the house with the jungle yard,where snakes may catch you off your guard,but the snakes eat the rodents and the birds eat the bugs,and i peak at the school bus through a wet shrub,
I'm not your average girl I stand alone in a big world determined to succeed but always being pressured by the world... I am determined to succeed but always put down by everything...
Life is awesome Words are beautiful Possibilities are endless Dreams are infinite The world is at your fingertips Life is ethereal
Every day is a gift,  all the days just flow so swift try to live positive & for others try to uplift... <3 You are here for a reason bigger than you I know some time you wonder what am I here to do? Is it some thing huge &  grand, here...
What I'm about to say is from what I've learned No matter your agreement or concern Poetry can be written by anyone No matter by paper or touge Your reason or cause
Being flawless isn't always easy. To achieve true beauty, you must believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to. I never let myself see the downside of my dream. You work hard, you smile at every
They left you a piece of coal Take revenge by becoming a diamond And no diamond can be made without pressure. After the pressure of your past and problems you overcame
I am like a man, flawed and broken, left on the hot sand to fry and crisp like a token. The shell created by social brutality falls away to reveal the shining soul climbing through harsh reality,
I am flawless, though not everyone knows I am flawless, doesn't it already show? the media may try to convince otherwise
Consciousness is the art of being aware of one's existence.
If  I cry or if I'm down My resillence picks me back up My legs may be strong but my mindset is stronger My confidence is not found in a cup When I feel weak I say, "I'm strong" and that just does the trick
Dear Motivation,   
  Far away over roaring seas, or mountains of mystery, war rages through countless pages, both fiction and history. Beneath the cover reality fades and colors emerge in place.
I did not stare because I sought your glance upon my face I did not ask so you could tell a lie with such disgrace I did not seek you out to find a empty soul so deep
Bare souls carry her across the wire that cuts deep into her skin leaving ebony footprints behind as she works her way slowly down the path uncharted. No one stops her as she wanders into the dark brush of forbidden times and hidden memories.
I was afraid you'd run away. My first words, were the truth. I couldn't hear you, but you could hear me. I couldn't help but sign, and I was afraid you'd be frightened. This is me. I see you. I feel you.
Dreams. Born out of the breath of the wind A claim to beauty from humanity’s sin, That which dehumanizes your very brother Inheriting worth from issues of color
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