I'm not your average girl I stand alone in a big world determined to succeed but always being pressured by the world... I am determined to succeed but always put down by everything... I am a girl becoming a woman willing to work for her own I'm not your average girl, hoping to make a difference in the world not satisfied untilI I hit the top I am that person that will not stop I am success. I am not your average girl I sit alone in open world longing for success in a broken world..... I am going to advance to the next level college is my destination but I won't stop there because I am me..... but before becoming all of that I was a little girl believing everyone in this cold, sick world I am me but a different kind of fade far from anyone's maid... I am no ordinary girl I am searching for my silver lining and pearl.... I am a remarkable individuals set apart from your dream....wondering why everyone doesn't believe?.... I am a shining star waiting to sprout i am no ordinary girl but if you never remember anything else remember who you are and that my name is heaven and I will make a change in this world and that's without a doubt.... My star will soon sprout... I am no ordinary Girl....I am me

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Our world
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