Dream of Possibility

Sat, 03/30/2013 - 16:03 -- halowe

Born out of the breath of the wind
A claim to beauty from humanity’s sin,
That which dehumanizes your very brother
Inheriting worth from issues of color

But brother I ask you, ever I plead
Do now my eyes speak of these deeds?
Of plots I’ve wrought of selfish hate and greed?
Yet my heart aches that my people stand not freed

Children and widows left to be claimed
By that which from them you can gain
Young man alone, forbidden to drink
But injustice of water is what gets him to think.

The chains that you bring cannot simply be seen
But torture the heart and rupture the spleen
The bruises kept hidden by society’s show
Like an abusive father, hope laden with snow
Find me screaming “Let my people go!”
And they fight for the right just to know
That maybe God is listening
That maybe there’s still hope
Belief in the unseen
Is all we can elope

My thoughts.
I am married to my thoughts
And there is nothing you can do
to take away my thoughts.

I found freedom at the edge
Of your blurred concepts of me
That you can chain my body
But my mind will be free
Free to roam and free to dream
Dreams crushing delusions
Of what is to what could be
And I will be forever in possibility
Shifting my dreams into a reality

What more can these trials bring?
My brother, My God
Let freedom ring.


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