What Would You Change Scholarship

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Women are taught from the day we are tiny bundles in our mother’s arms that our bodies are nothing but pocket change for man to squander. “Don’t talk too loudly. Don’t hunch your shoulders.
I was born in the land of opportunity My mother's mother was not My father came here for freedom and unity Morals and ethics we have since forgot  
I bought my first puppy a couple of weeks ago He's a baby pug with the flattest face And a body that kind of resembles a potato So that's what I named him Potato  
The grass is not green. The sky is not blue. The flowers are weeds.
Under the sea Where the fish roam free Oh, what a beauty it is When it's not polluted. How can we stop the pollution when it's coming from our own land? Let's not make our oceans so bland.
You hold this against me.
High School is not safe: Bullies, liars, cheats follow.
I came today to solely pick up the milk and eggs But leave feeling queasy in both my head and my legs. This is such an innoent and frequented place But all people suffer, unless made of lace  
My Perspective Of Life  Would Be A Great Way To Change The Attitude I Have Right 
The Butterfly Effect. One act of kindness From one person a day Could save a life.   A couple years from now, Someone may look back  At the act you did for them and smile.  
You ask what I would change about things in my life, today. Why does the world listen to the media and accept what they say? Why doesn’t internal beauty matter to us more than external looks?
An imperfect world From a distance so pale and beautiful From up close so deceiving So corrupt
Sitting with my laptop, Catching up with the news. Looking at the headlines, Feeling the blues.   “Murder”, “Crime”, “Hate Crime”, Are all I see. More negative than positive,
The way women feel when walking down a dark alley. The way a children feel as they are slapped across the face. The way standardized tests tell students what they are worth.
Bound in shackles of fear that he might find out. Choking on the poison surrounding her, She begs for help in escaping her abuser. He comes home and beats her relentlessly. No one hears her scream.
I wouldn't change the leaves and the grass,
Love is The purer thing turned black and twisted Snapping her heart in two. Her face is masked by deceit and self-consciousness But she only wants to come through.   Their jeers and their laughter,
You:No force can render the Tameless tameyet something feels hindered.What needs to change?
Blue eyes, dark hair, caramel skin Freckles cover her face What is she? She is different They see her as different They see her as one or the other She should not have to choose She is both
Her cracked feet drag along the sand Careful! Don't spill the water.
I would change how society views sexual assault victims. Shhh You Are Worthy By: Jennifer Cannady
If I could change something, it'd be my generation. I'd give them some common sense and even more motivation. I'd bless them with the initiative it to took to build this land
Children everywhere in uniforms Heading to and from class.
Acceptance It isn't easily found Within our minds Judgment Constantly riddles our minds There is no way to escape Escape the torment of thought Thoughts that mold society
Look at this world Skewed and shattered Broken and hurt Pierced with pain Stained with sorrow Unfortunate circumstances Hungry for richesChoking with lies Destroying ourselves 
Sitting at a table all alone, is a highschool boy I've never known. People appear to not see him  there, I agrily think, nobody cares. They all walk by without a thought, of the lonely boy who is forgot.
We have all been raised in a society where resources to achieve the most in life are based on financial standings Money sets limitations on poeplpe and decides how far they can go But what if that changed?
No one is  good enough  for anyone  anymore.  "You can't be:  too weak, too strong, too skinny, too fat, too shy, too confident, too pretty, too ugly,
  It’s hard to change, It’s hard to believe in change, But it’s not hard to try, If we could change the world, What would we want?  
If I had power real power I'd change the idea that cruelty is power.   Unneccessary unkindness is a concept that I thought had expired in middle school but apparently not
We take, we destroy, and we grow. We grow without regard to the life around us - not even our own. We poison our lands, our air, our streams, and our bodies. Yet we build wealth.
If I could change one thing it would be the way people see themselves. Short Fat Skinny Tall That's all anyone ever sees.   But you know what's also there? How their eyes light up
I made the man in the
If I could take your pain away I would. If I could take your hurt away I would. If I could take the words away I would.
Boredom is friction.   If I could change anything...   I would change people's motivation. Boredom cannot magically disappear. But magic motivation makes boredom melt.  
She yells and nags She gossips and brags Our relationship went down the drain Everytime we fight it fries my brain I love her of course But from all the yelling my voice is hoarse
The youth have a caring wisdom we discard, The vast expanse of their world stretched out So beautiful, young minds yet to be marred With the reality of ego, money, and clout.
If I could change the world, I would do it in an instant. I’d change the time I almost hurled With smoke in the distance.   Pollution everywhere, Whether it be cigarettes, cars, or factories
I wonder when It'll end. When I'll get sweet release from this never-ending darkness
What would the world be If everyone, including you and me Did their part To help start The world's largest revolution In education, now that's a solution You take a child From the wild
I see people laughing and smiling everyday with so much cheer So easy for them to continue life without judgement and fear.  I am envious of their emotion they show for mine remain hidden so much no one will know. 
My sociology teacher once told me,
One little thing, That's all I'd do, One little thing to change you, What is this one thing? I rack my brain, But you are still blue. Is all I need to do Is think of you?
A product of my generation The product of hate It's poisoning our water supplies, our children, our lives Its not a product of man Its not a product of woman It's the story of our ancestors
Society whispersAbout who we are required to be.Society tellsUs that we, as human beings,Who try our bestTo be ourselves-Conforming to another lie-
Coming from a girl who observes Only to see the suffering of our brothers and sisters, Maybe some day people will understand that Pointing out our differences only causes pain.
Hello… Nice to meet you. This is my friend… His name is Brian. Let me tell you a few things about him. Brian is a habitual liar….
I would change myself my hair, my face, my life- Or try to at least   Shoot for perfection when perfection is warped and pretend. The clown mirror hangs, glaring at me   Taunting me,
I come inside waiting for the stone. Wait, wait here it comes. I see it flyign, and on its way it shone.
He came at me with pain, uttering my name If only to remind, that our names were the same I couldn’t look up, towards such disdain For it was me in that mirror, that I wanted to change
I would change your perception, My perception, I would change the perception of the world, I would throw out all the bad: The diet pills, the steroids, the magical items that don't work,
Mirror mirror on the wall,  you make these girls feel very small. Megan Fox and Brittany Snow the faces we all love and know.  Everyone loves a size two, how come that isn't you?  
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