Changing our way in life


Free fall

into the unknown

give you my heart

relinquish my soul it's....

best for what life shall bestow

I take a big step into unknown

Never looking back

for this is my choice

Not questioning myself


keep my mind poised

take a look up

thank god

I rejoice

the truth is, I know I made the right choice

So I follow this path

forget the past

this devotion and emotion

I'll make sure it lasts

passion so wide

love so vast pain

sadness will be things of the past



Realize... who am i

To follow a path

For i make my own path

I am a leader of the unknown


so i make my own.


I come to an end

But i dont stop

There is more road but

I have reached my destination

i dont look back

I dont stop to think

I just go....

But what if i had, what if we had

So why are we stopping.....

This is the unknown





This is beautiful <3

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