Change of Ones Mind

He came at me with pain, uttering my name

If only to remind, that our names were the same

I couldn’t look up, towards such disdain

For it was me in that mirror, that I wanted to change

The contentment was lost for the need to compare

Trying to fit in so no one would stare

The pressure put on, no one could bear

What clothes to buy? What shoes to wear?

Even submarines exploded down there

Staring back at me, “Why should you care?”

In about a year, they won’t be there

And yet every day, you stare at me

You’re still too naïve to see

That you’re yourself, that’s all you’ll be

I am you and you are me

Look up and you will see

That this is fact

And you shouldn’t change that

If you want change start from within

But stop trying to be like him

For you are unique, one of a kind

If I could change one thing, it would be my mind

My way of thinking, my train of thought

To keep my essence in the same spot

Remaining as myself, I am never tossed

Aside in their judgements, where I would remain lost


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